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Plant-based well-being is the future

Optimise Health, Look Better Naked & Keep It For Life With An Adaptive Personalised Routine

Lose Fat. Build Muscle. Feel Amazing.

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Fix your training & plant-based nutrition setup, to END your frustration in 90 days. Goodbye weight regain and yoyo dieting.


P.S. You don´t need a strict meal plan or hours in the gym. 

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Attention Busy Plant-Based  Professionals Looking To Level Up Your Health & Fitness

  • ​Vegans 

  • Vegetarians 

  •  Plant-Inclined Meat-Eaters

Do you look & feel the same as 6 months ago?

You don’t need to wait months to start seeing & feeling results.  Imagine adding 5-10 lbs to your main lifts, and losing 1-2 pounds weekly. This is how fast it should go for most. No crash diet - no feeling of restriction necessary. 

Finally get to feel & look your best on a plant-based diet, having people not believing you could be plant-based AND fit. I mean.. ”how do you get your protein bro?”

Have your favourite clothes fit again, no longer serving as a reminder that you need some work, but actually complimenting your hard work in the gym & kitchen.

Do you really think all those fit individuals in gyms & on instagram are that special? They are not. They just have a better strategy (no, not steroids). 

Imagine scrolling through fitness content, no longer  feeling lost & confused in the overwhelming fitness jungle, and having full clarity when it comes to knowing what you need to transform to your dream body. 

Fully eliminate every single insecurity regarding whether you are missing essential nutrients like B12 or protein, and learn the ins and outs to thrive on a plant-based diet. 

Establish systems & habits that will get you to your goal, even if you go mindlessly about your days.  

Struggle to find the time to workout? What if I told you, you could achieve your dream body by only working out twice a week?

Imagine the spill-over effect your boosted health & fitness could have in your career & earning.

Achieve peaking confidence in meetings, commanding the attention & respect of colleagues. Imagine how this confidence would level up your relationships, dating, and sex life.

Imagine you no longer ache, when you play with your kids. You’re looking after your health, and setting the example you want them to live by. You are summiting mountains as an 80-year-old, not bedridden.
Break the pattern of obesity, diabetes & cardiovascular diseases running in the family - leading the way for your loved ones.

Save $200.000+ a year in medical costs, by avoiding common chronic diseases.

Point of no return is creeping

Why Should I Care About Thriving As A Plant-Eater?

The sustainable future is plants.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” 

Martin Luther King, US civil rights leader

Modern living is failing.

It´s failing human health.

1, 2, 3


  • The masses are dying from diseases stemming from poor lifestyle with too many animal products.

  • It’s normalised to be living in bubble wrap, hunched over the desk for hours, taking health for granted - until we lose it. 

  • Worldwide sperm quality is declining.

  • Even if you wanted to eat healthy, we get stuck in an echo chamber of unhealthy living.

It’s failing our home itself.







  •   Humans consume resources at the rate of nearly two Earths, leaving close to 1 billion suffering from hunger.

  • What we eat & drive are leading causes of global warming.

  • A UN FAO report found livestock responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions—more than all transportation combined, and “the impact is expected to increase substantially due to population growth and increasing consumption of animal products.” “Unlike fossil fuels, it is difficult to look for alternatives: people have to eat. A substantial reduction of impacts would only be possible with a substantial worldwide diet change, away from animal products.”

  • The climate's tipping point is imminent.


It´s failing the species we coexist with.



  • 80+ billion land animals are slaughtered for food yearly.

  • Profits are maximised through cheap feed, antibiotics, and hormones, maximizing weight gain while subjecting animals to unimaginable suffering.

  • Climate change is pushing entire species to extinction.  



Zoom out: It’s failing well-being. 


People are losing trust in the system.


The shift to plant-based living has already begun.

From red meat to tofu. 


From self-centred to compassionate. 


From diet fad to diet fate.


Do you see it happening all around you?

  • Doctors and dietitians are endorsing plant-based diets as ideal for the prevention, treatment & even reversal of lifestyle-induced chronic diseases. 

  • Hospitals are going plant-based.

  • People adopting a plant-based diet are feeling younger, and reporting increased energy levels.

  • Plant-based athletes are pulling gold at the Olympics, and winning Formula 1 championships.

  • Celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Billie Eilish and Joaquin Phoenix are promoting plant-based living.

  • Finding plant-based alternatives to eggs, meat and dairy is now as easy as walking through a mainstream grocery store. Plant-based foods taste better than ever — some so close to their animal-derived counterparts, that it’s hard to tell the difference.

  • Major food companies like Nestlé are developing plant-based products. Mc Donalds has created the Mc Vegan burger; virtually all restaurants can offer a fully plant-based meal.

I think it’s safe to say that plant-based living has come to stay, and future well-being belongs to those going plant-based.


Three decades ago, veganism was seen as a risky fad. Today, it's recognized as a conscious choice for personal health, ethics, and ecology.


A growing movement is demanding food produced responsibly and sustainably.


Consumers are seeking eating styles that combat obesity, diet-induced diseases, and rising health care costs.


The shift in global consciousness is palpable - the future hopeful.

That is to say — those who pursue their curiosity, who learn to cook protein-rich nourishing plant-based meals, who learn safe & effective execution of exercises, they reap all the health benefits.. all while contributing to the well-being of the planet & animals.

So just by adding more plants to my plate, I get to save the climate & animals, reverse disease AND end hunger?

Sounds like a fairytale - but the data is black on white. 

The more that join this lifestyle, the bigger the global impact.

But the reality is that most people have not developed themselves to the point of realizing this potential future, living in accordance with the Golden Rule:

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Reality boils down to a distorted manifestation of this rule:


“Them that got the gold make the rules.”

Industries profiting from animal & planet exploitation hold great power on government policies, and the media.

Realising this potential future would mean their extinction..

Each day brings us closer to the wisdom of a Native North American saying:

“When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.”


Fortunately, the masses are waking up.


The influencers on social media living a glorified plant-based life are not special, they just happened to be early adopters of this paradigm shift.

They are just good at the skills listed above.


These skills can be acquired. Fast. 

So who is this online coaching program for? Anyone falling into one or more of these categories:​

  • You struggle to find the time & energy to maintain a fit healthy lifestyle with work, family and travels.

  • You are successful in other areas of your life, and could figure it out by yourself, but your time is too valuable, and you prefer to leave the decisions in the hands of an experienced professional.

  • You want to be a role model to your family & friends, and want to be around to play with your grandchildren.

  • You are tired of not seeing any real long-lasting results with trendy “quick-fix” diets & workouts - constantly doubting yourself. You want this fixed for good.

  • You wake up in the morning feeling horrible, when you look at yourself in the mirror naked. Your body doesn’t reflect your true character.

  • You don't understand the ins-and-outs of sustainably losing fat & building muscle on a plant-based diet. 

  • You feel overwhelmed and unsure about where to start, with conflicting information on nutrition & workout routines online. You have no idea what is the best route to take, and don’t feel experienced enough.

  • You don´t know what to expect in terms of how much time this will take, or how fast you are supposed to be gaining muscle, or losing fat on a plant-based diet.

  • You are already started — but feel you can further optimise your process with more structure and knowledge about macros & training. You want a streamlined path to your goal.

  • You are often travelling, and have a hard time being consistent with your fitness routine, due to varying equipment availability - sometimes none available.

  • You don’t have a system & habits established for consistently working out and eating protein-rich balanced  plant-based meals - especially on bad days.

  • You've gone through all of the free internet content & social media,  but still can't seem to make things work, and give you clarity.

  • You have stumbled upon a handful of online plant-based coaching programs, but feel like they are all the same (and aren't sure, which you can confidently invest your money in).

Did one of those hit a pain point?

If it did, I will solve all of those problems for you in less than 90 days.

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IMPORTANT. You must fit the profile description below, or else we are not a fit.

I'm not looking for "interested", because I don’t want to waste our time.

I'm looking for COMMITTED.

Achieving your health and fitness goals is a MUST, not a want or should.

You're so committed, you're willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.


You are able to take full responsibility of the transformation, and you don’t need excessive hand-holding, if any.


You are willing to push your comfort zone to make a lasting change - no stones unturned.

Ready to celebrate the wins along the way. 

You are an open and honest individual who will ask questions and push back, if you are in doubt or don´t feel something is sustainable.

You are ready to be called out on your BS, if the excuses start surfacing.


You are not in a financial stranglehold, and will view our work as an investment into yourself, rather than yet another bill to pay.

twitter (X) quote about a dying billionaire doing anything to get healthy again
twitter(X) quote about the expenses associated with lifestyle diseases

You are not special

Anyone Can And Should Be Living A Fit Plant-Based Lifestyle

It´s all a matter of doing few things consistently.


“Switching to all-plant diets would increase the global calorie supply by an estimated 50 %, which could effectively wipe out human hunger.”

No way, WTF!


Even if only 1 in 10 people stopped eating animals, there would be enough food to sustain the 1 billion suffering from hunger.

If everyone did this, it would benefit human health, the planet & the animals.

We have and will keep moving towards solutions that allow us to live in alignment with our nature. 


That seems to be the next stage of the global human civilisation.

Think about it.

The food we would otherwise need to feed animals raised for slaughter, could be given directly to humans. 


Less land would be needed. Less deforestation.

The carbon footprint of the animal industry would be zero.

Human-imposed animal suffering barely existent. 


On another note: 


We can all find 15 minutes for a workout. 


We all have access to the plant kingdom.


We can break bad habits. We can build good habits.

Being fit can, and must be normalised - not be something reserved for the special ones.

Getting fit sustainably is a game of doing the same few things over and over again.

If you are doing the same wrong things, wheels spin.

If you are doing the right things, results come. Faster than you think.


customer testimonial

Just a week into a properly designed routine:

-Feeling of fitness is instant.

-You are increasing loads weekly.

anonymous client testimonial
client testimonial by Mario Beck

Do you really think the shirtless guys on Instagram reinvent the wheel everytime?

They just have a better strategy. 


No, not steroids. 

The problem: people will rely on being educated by conflicting & outdated info via quick & dirty google searches, and short-form social media content.


They are trying to make sense of the full landscape by looking at a random single piece of the entire puzzle.

What follows: Self-doubt creeps in. We throw in the towel.


The educated ones with a streamlined system to support long-term consistency of doing the right things, will positively impact their health, the planet & animals.


It has led me to create a plug-and-play replicable system, that I wish I had when I first started, to avoid needless trial and error.


Thriving Plant-Eater is an accelerated, systems- & evidence-based learning experience, iterated from working intensely 1-on-1 with hundreds of clients worldwide, for almost a decade. 


It delivers results to those who fully implement the learnings. Every time.

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.”

Eleanor Roosevelt, Former First Lady Of The United States

I built it to get people on the same page.


To teach them the tools & strategies, that make this way of life available to be streamlined for anyone.


The beauty about non-institutional learning is that it’s condensed information tailored to the exact problem you want to solve - zero fluff.

We can only use a tiny fraction of what we learn in schools supposed to prepare us for life.


Here you will use 100% of what you learn.


Heck, the conventional school system does not even teach how to eat the healthiest, how to build muscle & lose fat, how to perform under pressure - how to live a thriving fit lifestyle.


Thriving Plant-Eater will help you gain the knowledge & systems-based leverage to put your health & fitness success on autopilot, in 90 days or less. You become your own coach, knowing when & how to make adjustments to your training/nutrition, to keep progressing.


A decade’s worth of iteration working closely 1-on-1 with hundreds, goes into the system & knowledge needed to be learned for success with your plant-based health & fitness.


It’s been turned into a simple plug-and-play process, where you are not confined to a sandbox, but it’s tailored to your entire playground. 


You, your goals & your equipment availability - in your busy lifestyle.

The coach

Who Is Dan Rémi

Just a human obsessed with

normalising plant-based well-being for you.

dan remi profile picture

Hey, I'm Dan.

I’m an online plant-based fitness coach, who quit his full-time medical doctor gig, to prevent people from becoming patients in the first place.

I’m the guy they come to, when they want to end their frustrations, and gain clarity over how to achieve their health & fitness goals - and keep it for life. No diet fads & "quick fixes" in this household.

I help them create a tailored flexible routine towards their goals that they can sustain, even when life gets in the way, so they can sustainably lose the fat, build muscle & feel amazing on plants.

As a medical doctor, CrossFit athlete (transformed from very skinny), and after having coached hundreds 1-on-1 towards health & fitness independence since 2014, I have created a unique adaptable coaching system that gets people results every time.


✓ Medical doctor, University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

✓ Fitness coach since 2014

✓ 20 years+ of training experience

✓ EHFA certified personal trainer


✓ Nutrition For Vegans & Vegetarians, Fitness Institute


✓ EHFA certified fitness instructor


✓ Fitness Institute Danmark certified nutritionist


✓ Type 2 diabetes researcher, Endocrinological Department, Odense University Hospital (OUH)


✓ Military experience


✓ Masterclass In Team Training, Fitness Institute

The European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA) logo
Fitness Institute Personal Trainer Academy logo
European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) logo
University of Southern Denmark (SDU) logo

My Story

Dan Rémi body transformation from skinny to muscular

One of my favourite movies is “The Matrix”.  


It´s a science fiction - some would argue it´s a documentary.


In case you haven´t seen it: the matrix is a computer simulation into which humans are unknowingly plugged, believing that it´s real life, no questions asked.


I feel like I have woken up from “The Matrix” twice. 


The first time lead me to building the body & mind of my dreams, the second time lead me to going plant-based.

I have been following the path that was laid by norms of society, the first 2 decades of my life.


“Go to college, land a job, get married..”


Happy wife - happy life.


“You need milk for calcium, and meat for protein!”


I didn´t question anything one bit.


It lead me to going all-in with my studies. 


So much that I actually became “Student Of The Year” multiple times in a row, when growing up.

Dan Rémi´s student-of-the-year prize
school trophy for Dan Rémi´s best performance
Dan Rémi´s student-of-the-year prize
Dan Rémi´s student-of-the-year prize

"Student Of The Year" prizes

Dan Rémi studying for exams as a 15-year-old

15-year-old me in the midst of studying for chemistry final exams

Like most, I was eating meat and dairy - I loved it.

Dan Rémi enjoying lamb for dinner

Following my childhood ritual of eating from the lamb leg bone

“Student Of The Year” sounds great no?


But I was not happy..


Every other aspect of my life was suffering, out of balance. 

Heck, I even developed severe obsessive compulsive disorder as a 10-year-old, from fear of failing my exams. 

Dan Rémi being almost bald as a child
Dan Rémi as a kid looking tired and frail

From the period where I was struggling with my mental health as a kid

I had poor social skills, I had never dated a girl before, I often got borderline bullied, and I was not leading the most healthful lifestyle. 


I felt socially insecure and weak.


I would always value other people´s opinion over my own, even if I would have a more informed one.. 


I was not only weak mentally, but physically as well. 


I was a stick figure, barely able to do 1 push-up. 


I realised that the lack of taking care of my health and body was causing a major part of my misery - I had to make it a priority.


But what’s wrong with meat and dairy?


I stumbled upon the documentary Forks Over Knives, and got introduced to the possibility of living on a plant-based diet.


Curiosity peaked.


One documentary lead to the next.


Soon, it all clicked. 


I realized that since it is possible to  thrive on a plant-based diet, therefore it is unnecessary and unethical to be killing millions of animals every single day, just because they taste good. 

Dan Rémi smiling and having a dog on his lap

I went plant-based for the animals

And taking into consideration the negative impact the animal industry has on the environment and human health, it just fortified my decision of going plant-based.


At first I didn´t know what I was doing. I was actually confused about what I read different places online.


One site said carbs are crucial for progress, another said carbs are the devil.


One site said you will die on a fully plant-based diet, another said that you can thrive on it.


It was a jungle of information.


It left me lost and insecure.


I tried so many different training programs that I could find online, but I didn´t really feel any progress.


I was desperate, I really wanted to go vegan to save the animals, and respect the environment. 


I actually had a lot of difficulty in parting ways with meat & cheese.


The taste: heaven. 


I would often end up stuffing my face in a cheese burger. 


I would feel terrible, whenever I did it. 


My excuse was that it was OK, since I did not know how to go plant-based.

As a busy medical student with a girlfriend, and trying to build a business on the side,  it was a challenge to find time to learn how to implement plant-based nutrition (not something you learn in med school), let alone getting a workout in.

As a poor student, I was worried about whether this way of eating would even fit the budget.

I realized I needed to get professional help to get me to my fitness goal, and to transitioning safely to a plant-based diet, and not waste my time reading about it on some random facebook group.


I hired a coach to make a customised training & nutrition plan for my goals. 


And that´s when the needle started moving.


I was actually building muscle and getting stronger.


This motivated me to learn even more about how training and nutrition worked together, leading me to become a certified personal trainer & nutritionist. 


The transformation of going from being skinny & weak to strong & muscular, also lead to a stronger mindset. 


I had a lot more confidence in myself! Life outside the gym, got easier too. 


My social skills went through the roof.


In order to safely transition to being plant-based, I hired a nutritionist to teach me everything there is to know about a plant-based diet. 


I learned how to replace the animal foods with plant-based foods. 


I gradually decreased my consumption of animal products, as I got to know more vegan products and recipes.


When cravings for meat or cheese would show up, I would remind myself of WHY I chose to go plant-based, and this helped me stay on track even when I would attend social dinners that would serve meat.


I have now gotten to the point, where vegan meals can easily fit the budget.


Today I am a fit & healthy vegan, living on his own terms. 


I have the body of my dreams, and I am no longer the shy introverted guy. 


I hang out with like-minded people, and date girls I want to date. 


All meals I prepare are simple to prepare, nutritious and don´t break the bank.

Oh and the taste.. you need to try out my beluga lentil pasta.

Dan Rémi enjoying belluga lentil pasta

Enjoying my belluga lentil pasta recipe

I have no cravings for meat or cheese anymore. 


I actually have a lot of fun discovering new restaurants, products & recipes to share with the world.

Dan Rémi having mini-burgers at his favourite vegan restaurant

My favourite mini-burgers from Cafe Kosmos in Odense, Denmark

What’s crazy is that I got most of my results while juggling between medical school, having a girlfriend, building a company, working virtually every weekend, and working out like a zombie apocalypse was nearing.

I graduated as a medical doctor in summer 2019, and I have then worked at Odense University Hospital and at a general practitioner (GP) for 1 year, after which I quit my full-time job, and went full-time with my company.

Dan Rémi working as a medical doctor

A selfie before the next consultation

Dan Rémi receiving his diploma as a medical doctor

Medical school graduation, summer 2019

What the f*ck? You quit your full-time job as a doctor?


Why? You were not good enough? You got hit by stress? You hit your head?

Well, I actually didn’t quit being a doctor - I never will.

Some specialize in orthopedic surgery, others in internal medicine - I choose to specialize in making sure humans don’t become a patient in the first place (hospitals can barely manage the current workload).

Prevention over cure.

Plus, the lifestyle of the conventional medical doctor is not conducive to my life’s vision.

Im taking 8.5 years of study & work as a doctor, and building on top of this to create solutions to humans that are holistic & evidence-based, but realistic to implement. 


Without forgetting invaluable skills of communication (being an active listener is a big one), and making sure individuals actually comply to the prescribed plan. 


This is combined with the experience from almost a decade of working closely 1-on-1, with hundreds worldwide.

And the best of it all, is knowing that I am part of a movement bigger than myself, that strives for a world of health, compassion, and respect to the planet, animals & fellow human beings.

"You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, 'Look at that, you son of a bitch.'"

Edgar D. Mitchell, NASA astronaut

I haven´t been to the moon, but zooming out was key.

Man on a mission

I aim to normalise plant-based well-being for 1 billion and 1 humans.

Bigger than oneself

"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business."

Henry Ford, American industrialist & business magnate

Every month, a percentage of the company’s earnings is donated to the World Food Programme, which is the world’s largest humanitarian organization fighting hunger.

Dan Rémi training a group of people

From a fund-raising charity workout

The question of a lifetime

What's In It For Me?
What Exactly Will I Get?

Much more than a boring ol´ salad.

Here is exactly what you will receive in the 90 days we spend together online:

  • Full clarity over the fitness realm; demystifying training, plant-based nutrition, macros, micros, supplements and blood work. Know the what/how/when of cutting, bulking and maintenance, to create your desired plant-based physique. Eliminate the doubts and insecurities once and for all.

  • A tailored workout plan that flexibly fits your busy schedule and varying equipment availability when travelling (from none to a fully equipped gym). The training will follow the PREF principle for optimal adherence: Purposeful (a plan that works specifically towards your goals) - Realistic - Enjoyable - Flexible.

  • Confidence in executing all exercises safely and effectively. This optimises your results from the time & effort spent in the gym and kitchen.

  • Nutritional independence from strict meal plans to have the meals that you enjoy, primed for building muscle - losing fat healthfully. You gain awareness of your eating habits via a tailored meal plan and tracking your food, after which you transition towards relying more on the internal cues hunger & satiety.

  • Peaked accountability & motivation; accelerating the process, such that you start noticing results already in the first couple of weeks - getting you psychologically hooked to the process. This is crucial. Experience well-being going through the roof.

  • The ability to reliably track & assess your fitness progress, and make necessary adjustments, to stay on track & unstuck from plateaus. You are supported by fail-safe software, flowcharts & templates, making it seamless.


  • The ability to perform at your very best in every situation, with powerful mindfulness techniques battle-tested by elite athletes, special OPS personnel & entrepreneurs. You will learn how to manage overwhelming thoughts & emotions that tend to make us take the emotional route, rather than the value-driven one.

Simply put:

You essentially become your own fitness coach.

You actually learn, meaning you´ll experience a change in behaviour conducive to your health & fitness goals. 


You will learn everything you need to start, sustain & keep improving on your lifelong fitness journey. 


You have everything you need. You just need a system to help you make this a sustainable lifestyle.

all-in-one app solution feature icon

All-In-One App Solution

Centralised access to workout & nutrition plans, progress tracking, your training calender and message support. This helps streamline our workflow.

tailored plans feature icon

Tailored Training & Nutrition Plans

Your program is tailored to your experience level, your goals, preferences & your equipment availability. All exercises are instructed via video tutorials. Adjustments are regularly made, so you keep progressing - stay unstuck from plateaus. 

training & nutrition course feature icon

Training, Nutrition & Mindset Course
(& Access To My Growing Recipe & Workout Libraries)

No fluff. Exactly what you need to demystify & holistically navigate the landscape of evidence-based fitness. Course is conducted via live 1-on-1 video calls.

360 movement assessment feature icon

360° Movement Assessment

Film & send videos of your execution of exercises, for live video call movement assessments. This is a continuous refining process.

customer-service feature icon

24/7 Message Support & Biweekly 1-On-1 Video Call Follow-Ups

Message me whenever you have any questions, or need my support. A lot of the coaching happens on these follow-up calls. We set weekly process goals, take action, and potentially adjust the plan based on the feedback we get from implementing in the real world.

The coaching experience

How Will I Learn Everything You Said Above?

     What you will learn in less than 90 days.


Before we commit to each other, we need to figure out whether we are a good fit.


We will discuss your goals, and assess your motivation/drive to achieve.


I will propose an initial tailored solution.


If we agree on things, we will move forward.


If we are not a good fit, I’ll still make recommendations, sending you in the right direction.


After having the agreement & investment formalities sorted, your initial training & nutrition plan will be created based on your e-questionnaire response.

The plans will be delivered over a live 1-on-1 video call, to make sure everything is clear. 


You will also be given a tour of the app, and receive my onboarding manual that will get you up to speed, so we can get straight into the implementation phase.

Green text underline

In less than 90 days

You will have the roadmap to your goals.


Getting fit is about doing the same key things over and over again.

daily fitness checklist to stay consistent on a fitness journey

Your job is to adhere to the plan that we’ve agreed on. 


My job is to help you do that, and adjust the plan if necessary to stay on target.

You’ll check in biweekly with your progress data on a live 1-on-1 video call, where we will discuss the previous weeks, and set process goals to be accomplished the next weeks.

The bulk of this implementation phase will consist of follow-ups (where we address obstacles in implementation), and movement & supplementation assessments.


Once you start implementing the right principles in your daily routine, the first signs of progress come almost immediately. 


As the coach, in the beginning it´s crucial for me to give you that experience, because that´s how you will be hooked on the process.


Any doubts you might have, get killed on the spot.

Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
anonymous client testimonial
Green text underline

In less than 90 days

You will have created habits that sustain your lifelong health & fitness journey.

(~4 WEEKS)

data-info-knowledge-insight-wisdom infographic showing the evolution of learning

The main goal of Thriving Plant-Eater is to guide you to your independence.


You basically become your own fitness coach.


Yeah right..


Im serious.


Remember, this is an accelerated coaching experience.


You may barely have a grasp on macros and exercise form right now, but after working 1-on-1 with me for 12 weeks, you will be amazed about how far you can come.

Client Testimonial

You will have all the tools & resources needed to keep progressing at your fingertips, after we are done working together.


I do not aim for repeat business; I aim for referral business.

You establish the right training and nutritional habits; then you get a course to understand the ins & outs of what you have implemented, and how to keep progressing from here.

Zero fluff. 


Just what you need.

The course is conducted via live 1-on-1 video calls. 


You will be given digestible homework to make sure that you fully understand the knowledge, and are able to implement it into your daily life. 

Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial


MIND - Mindset & Mindfulness

After helping hundreds establish a fitness routine, I found that the far majority’s main challenge is actually mindset.

Most are unaware of that.

Let´s face it, all the information you need to get fit is found for free online.

It might take some time to find in the midst of misinformation - but it´s out there.

Heck, we now even got ChatGPT, which can make us a decent training & nutrition plan.

It might not be perfect, but it could get you going.

In this module, you will acquire a mental toolbox to help you navigate your fitness journey (& life) more efficiently.


First you will gain clarity over the limiting values, that tend to hold you back.

Next you will learn how to replace those limiting values with values, that you actually want to act from instead.

With the help of mindfulness, you will learn how to effectively register overwhelming thoughts/emotions, release from them, and then refocus on doing the right thing in the present moment.

If you commit to implementing these tools, you unlock the ability to perform at your very best in every situation.

NUTRITION - Plant-Based Nutrition & Body Transformation

Just like nutrition can easily get complex & confusing, it can be made pretty simple as well - without leaving out essential information.

You see.

You don´t need all the nuances of the scientific body of evidence, to hit your goals.

In fact, having too many variables is a recipe for overwhelm.

In this module, we start with plant-based nutrition fundamentals, where micros & macros get demystified.

Then we go into the levers of body transformation, where you will be able to set your own protein, carbs & fats for cutting, bulking, recomposition and maintenance phases.

Basically, you will learn how to independently setup your nutrition to build muscle and lose fat, and how to adjust when you hit a plateau.

You will be given homework to practise setting up macros based on a certain body transformation goal.

TRAINING - Resistance & Cardio Training

Similar to the nutrition module, we will keep things simple, yet deliver everything needed for success.

You will learn what goes into a successfully programmed training protocol, as well as the varying importance of different factors in moving the needle. 


You will be building a training program as we move through the course, to help you fully understand and implement all the principles conveyed.


Lastly, you will learn how to setup your own cardio routine supporting your endurance & health goals, without compromising your body transformation. 

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In less than 90 days 

You will become your own fitness coach.


1. Access To My Recipe & Workout Libraries

You gain flexibility, putting together your own preferred workouts and meals.

This keeps things interesting.

Never get stuck in a boring routine again. 

2. Smart Meal Planner

With the click of a button, swap out meals with similar calories & macros.


Use the filter function to make sure you only have ingredients you like, and aren´t allergic to.

You can even have a grocery list generated automatically.

3. Progress Tracker

Metamorphosis fitness progress tracker

Gain access to my progress tracking system, to efficiently store and view your progress. 

A guide on how to reliably track fitness parameters is included, so you get the most out of the tracker.

4. Supplementation Guide​

Micros Plant-Based Supplementation Guide

Make sure your vitamin & mineral daily needs get covered when plant-based, so you stay away from deficiencies.

Evidence-based (& legal) supplements to enhance your performance & results, are as well included.

5. Blood Test Guide

Bioanalytics blood test guide for plant-eaters

A guide on assessing your health with blood work, when plant-based.

6. Miscellaneous resources​

  • Books & other resources for continued education.

  • Food & supplement databases to reliably assess a food´s composition, and to easily gain insight in the scientific evidence behind virtually any food supplement available on the market.

You are no guinnea pig

The Path Has Been Treaded By Hundreds

A decade of experience, and a proven

track record of success.

Apply Now

Start the application process

Book A Free Strategy Consultation
(Value $299)

Gain clarity and essential tools in a non-committal

15 min qualifying call with me.

The purpose of the call is to assess where you are in your journey, provide you with clarity on how to achieve your goals, and to see if we are a great fit.


I only work with a limited amount of individuals at a time, to ensure high-quality coaching.

If I’m fully booked, you can still get the free strategy consultation, but will then have to join the wait list, if we are a great fit. 


The price is currently free, but I will almost certainly be charging for these in the near future. 

strategy consultation price table

​In the consultation, you will acquire a handful of valuable resources:

Nutrition & Workout Setup Guide​

Macros Plant-Based Free Guide to setup nutrition for fat loss & muscle building

Learn how to setup your nutritional macronutrients, and how to supplement as a plant-eater.

You will be given access to my recipe & workout libraries, as well.

Progress Tracker

Metamorphosis fitness progress tracker

Supplementation Guide

Micros Plant-Based Supplementation Guide

Make sure your vitamin & mineral daily needs get covered when plant-based, so you stay away from deficiencies.

Evidence-based (& legal) supplements to enhance your performance & results, are as well included.

Blood Test Guide​

bioanalytics blood test guide for vegans & vegetarians

A guide on assessing your health with blood work, when plant-based.

Gain access to my progress tracking system, to efficiently store and view your progress. 


A guide on how to reliably track fitness parameters is included, so you get the most out of the tracker.

0 risk, lifelong reward

My Guarantee To You

Get comfortable with your decision.

If you:

  • Give me open and honest feedback regarding your situation throughout our work together.

  • Push back when something to implement is not sustainable as a lifestyle.

  • Fill in the weekly tracking sheet on time.

  • Show up for our movement assessment, course and follow-up calls.

  • Complete all given assignments.


Then I have full confidence, that you will achieve the promised result.

In other words, if you follow through with action, not on what I tell you to do, but on what we both agree you must implement, then you will achieve the goals we set. 


This program is not a race to the finish line.

Rather, it's everything you need to reach that finish line on your own time. 


You will not achieve a 1-year transformation in 90 days, but you will see & feel progress in less than 90 days, heck even the first weeks.


Most importantly, you will gain the tools and knowledge you need to cross the finish line on your own time, and keep it for life. 

I could be doing anything else, but I choose this gig, because this is my life´s work. 


I am here to make a long-lasting impact. 


Only apply if you fit the profile earlier described.


Should you meet the expectations above, and somehow not gain the promised result, I provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, where I will work with you till you have achieved the promised result.


It will work, if you work.

I'm here to serve

You Stand At A Crossroads

Trial & error vs the direct path.

It took me almost a decade and +$30k on courses & coaches, to figure out what I’m offering you in this 12-week program.


But I did figure it out, and so can you.


If you're not ready to join the program, I'm still here for you.


If you are ready, you're about to skip a lot of trial & error and doubt in gaining clarity on how plant-based nutrition & training work together, to lose the fat, build muscle and achieve thriving health.

Here are your options:

option 1: trial & error solution
option 2: the direct path solution with guidance

Start the application process:

Got questions?

I've Got Answers

Make sure you are making the right decision.

  • Will this work if I'm older, or as a woman who has gone through menopause?
    Definitely. My clients in their 50s and 60s are even more committed, because they feel the consequences of unhealthy living, and are aware of the importance of training & nutrition for their quality of life. Plus, exercise & resistance training help improve muscle strength, counteracts bone loss, and reduces the risk of osteoporotic fractures among elders (17).
  • How do I know if this will work for me? I have tried other programs that didn't work.
    A successful transformation comprises of 3 key pillars: 1. Strategy 2. Mindset 3. Accountability It's very likely that your previous attempts were lacking in at least one of these. Neglect nutrition, mindset, or accountability, and your workout plan fails. Focus only on nutrition, and you hinder progress without workouts, mindset, or accountability. Even with in-person personal training, lacking nutrition and mindset support, plus 24/7 accountability, holds you back. To succeed and see rapid, lasting results, all 3 pillars need to be addressed. Most fitness programs ignore the specific needs of a plant-based diet. Through 10 years+ experience working closely with hundreds 1-on-1, I have developed a unique path to transform you to a Thriving Plant-Eater, every time. I would not have stayed in business for so long, if I was in the habit of misleading people about what they can achieve. This is why you will find no payment button on this page. We go through a selection process first, making sure we are the right fit. If you follow our agreed plan, take responsibility, and communicate openly, it will work. You have my word.
  • How will we communicate and work together?
    Our work is centralised to my app, to make life easier for both of us. Few things happen outside the app, like filling in a weekly progress tracker via Google Sheets.
  • How much does online coaching cost?
    I have solutions that fit every budget. However, the most popular solution is not free, not cheap. This is not a workout program, a diet plan or a course; this is a once-and-for-all lifestyle change delivered via an evidence-based system, perfected from working closely 1-on-1 with hundreds of individuals, for over a decade. You’ll achieve streamlined results that you can sustain for life, if you implement the learnings. You either pay for good health now, or for bad health later. The following is the price for bad health: Diabetes ∼ $16,752 a year (18) Heart disease ∼ $18,953 a year (19) Heart Bypass Surgery ∼ $75,345 (20) High Blood Pressure ∼ $2000 a year (21) Kidney Disease ∼ $90,000 a year (22) Osteoarthritis ∼ $11.052 a year (23) How much is it worth to you to avoid all these costs?
  • Will I only eat “clean”, no junk?
    The main focus of the program is to make a positive sustainable change in your lifestyle. So there is definitely room to take care of your sweet tooth. We indulge mindfully.
  • What if something happens, and I can’t follow through with the commitment?
    You are dealing with a human, and this project is my baby, whose success is dependent on a great reputation. In the agreement, I reserve the right to cancel or revise the cooperation, after which possible arrears are refunded.
  • Do I need to have a certain fitness level to start?
    No. Most individuals I work with are beginners/intermediates, some even complete beginners.
  • How do you help me personally?
    You'll have 24/7 1-on-1 message support, where I respond within 24 hours. Additionally, we'll have biweekly follow-ups, movement assessments & a course conducted via 1-on-1 live video calls to keep you on track, troubleshoot barriers, and make sure there is no misunderstanding.
  • Do I need a gym or special equipment?
    In majority of cases, equipment is not an absolute must, as long as you have your bodyweight, and gravity still works. The program is dynamic, and adapts to the individual getting coached. In rare cases, there can be specific equipment requirements, if you have a very specific goal.
  • How do I know if I'm ready to start?
    If you are free from substantial injury, not in a financial stranglehold, and we are a great fit, then you can start now (if there is a spot available). Deadlines, travels and other life events will keep coming at us. If you wait to start till you are less busy, guess what will happen to your perfect routine once life gets busy again? The successful clients show up even on bad days. The programs assigned to you will be tailored to your time & equipment availability.
  • How soon till I see/feel progress?
    Almost immediately after implementation. Once you start following your tailored training plan with the right nutrition, you will feel improvement in mood & energy levels. Visible progress will depend on your starting point and goal. Most clients I work with, start with a fat loss phase. Already the first couple of weeks, their clothes start to fit better, and they are seeing the bodyweight going down.
  • How do you make sure I don't injure myself?
    All exercises have video tutorials. You are only prescribed exercises that fit your level, and your execution of all exercises is assessed via 1-on-1 movement assessment video calls, where we go through the videos you have sent in.
  • Will I be living on a strict meal plan?
    Since the main goal of the program is to create sustainable lifestyle changes, enjoyable flexibility is key. The solutions we will implement, will be highly individual. It can range anywhere from a regimented meal plan, to only following a few simple guidelines that don't require any tracking/weighing. You will never be forced into a nutritional approach that doesn't work for you. A strict meal plan can still be useful in the beginning, to help you get in the right ballpark, but we will never have you live on a meal plan for life.
  • Do I have to be vegan, and stop eating meat/other animal products?
    That’s totally up to you. The goal of the program is to help you eat more plants. Whether you will go fully plant-based, or partially, is dependent on your personal goals & preferences. Because I myself am vegan, I only create plant-based recipes. However, the training software I use, has plenty of innate non-vegan recipes, that you can have access to. If I can influence a meat-eater to have more plants fill out their plate, I consider that a win as a vegan.
  • How do you take payments?
    I use Stripe as online payment system. A simple & secure system, used by millions of businesses worldwide.
  • Are the foods children- and family-friendly?
    Yes. The meals provided can be enjoyed with your family. However, the most common route taken for clients, is that they will be given protein & calorie ranges to hit, meaning you can actually continue to enjoy all the favourite meals you are already having at home. You may only need a little tweaking in some cases.
  • What is the commitment required?
    Time commitment In the macro, the first 3 months are of commitment, after which the subscription goes month-to-month, with cancel-anytime policy. The average trainee is on the program for 6-8 months, some 2 years+. After the first 12 weeks, then everything you need to go on your own, has been delivered. Individuals continue because they see the value in having professional assistance & accountability. In the micro, the average requirement for the most popular solution is: 3 x 45 min training sessions weekly 1x 30 min follow-up biweekly 1x 5 min for filling out your progress tracking sheet weekly (to be filled before Sunday midnight, your local time) ..and whenever it fits your schedule, we will have during the 90 days on average: 4 x 40 min movement assessment calls 6 x 45 min course calls Effort & Sacrifice The first 2 weeks, the learning curve is steepest, after which things start feeling like second nature. The first 2 weeks, everything is new, you will be getting familiar with the training app, and starting to break old habits to build new ones. Depending on prior experience, you will be familiarising with your exercises. Most will be tracking their nutrition the first 2 weeks as a minimum, to assess current eating patterns. After the 2 weeks, things start feeling more like a lifestyle. Pushing yourself in the gym will be gamified with presented progression models, such that even on bad days you will be able to push yourself to aim to beat your last performance. Depending on your lifestyle & goals, you may have to start meal prepping & continue tracking your food initially, until the new habits get solidified. - You will have to prioritise your workouts. - You can still have all your favourite foods; we indulge mindfully. - It's highly recommended to clean up your sleep routine, moderate alcohol consumption, and to focus on more home-cooked meals, if possible. - Occasional nights out are OK, as we are focusing on long-term sustainability.

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